Soil and Water Conservation
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

Display of the Plentiful Results of Soil and Water Conservation

Soil and Water Conservation Bureau has worked on projects about soil and water conservation and rural regeneration in Taiwan for years, and has received plentiful results. In order to gather all the consensus for stronger ability of adjusting to climate changing, "105 Annual Soil and Water Conservation Outcomes Presentation" was held at National Library of Public Information on May 16-17 2017. We invite Executive committee of the Executive Yuan, Wu Hong-mou, and Chief Librarian, Liu Zhong-cheng, to give a lecture on“Forward-Looking Infrastructure - Water environment” and “Innovative management of Public Library” for sharing their experiences. This annual presentation is not only a platform for industrial, official, universities and researchers to share their experiences and show the results, but also seen as the greatest annual gathering of soil and water conservation field. We not only display the results of researches to public for understanding what SWCB works for and its targets, but also get new energy by the suggestions and discussions of experts from different fields. Those are also how we can keep combining diverse fields, professional skills and knowledge with improvement, and we will accept the concepts of environment friendly and variety of animals for promoting the function of disaster prevention and ecological conservation of the design of soil and water engineering. Meanwhile, respond to world-wide extreme climate change and natural disaster beyond control, SWCB puts emphasis on using wisdom technology to strengthen the flexibilities and adaptability when facing strong climate change and compound disaster. SWCB is also trying to rebuild the balance between human being and nature. At the other hand, SWCB would like to build up the bridge between rural area of Taiwan and the world by wisdom technology for constructing an intelligence, variety, and long-term happy home and a brand new rich rural area.

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